Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!

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Unique features

151 cute creatures from the world of Draconius GO are waiting for you in an augmented reality. Now, you can fight not only for arenas, but also for libraries

  • Dig out an ancient treasure!
  • Look for Portals to another world!
  • Cast team spells!
  • Participate
    in PvP duels!


The little deers have grown up!

02 January 2018

Here came the New Year. And in the meantime, our baby deers gave us great joy: Frigan, Tonnir and Ronolph have grown up considerably (we remind you that the difference will be seen after powering up or evolving the creature)...

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More space for maneuvering!

21 December 2017

The purpose of the Champions is to serve their Order. From now on, they will, when capturing an Arena, sometimes raise its level, making their Order more powerful and freeing space for allies.

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Meet Snowcrag, he's a pretty cool one!

19 December 2017

Today, version 1.3 will be available for download, and already tomorrow Snowcrag and his friends will go out for a walk.Meet it:- 26 new creatures with Christmas mood will appear in the streets...

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