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Bonuses for everyone!

26 April 2018

Our company is getting ready to hold ICOs for two new projects: Clash & GO and Selfie GO.

We are looking forward to your support in this endeavour, and we invite everyone to join our Facebook and Telegram groups.

The most persistent players who will remain members of ALL groups until June 15 will receive an excellent bonus in Draconius GO - a Gift of the Mountains and a Strong Cocoon!

Join our groups right now!




Telegram (you'll need to install the Telegram application on a PC or on a mobile device):



Clash & GO is a cross genre game: we've merged Augmented Open World with Real-time Strategy, opening up new horizons for geolocation games.

Now, an ordinary walk in the park is a fierce struggle for survival and resources!

Selfie GO is our new project that will revolutionize the whole idea of social networks!

Make new friends, compete in Selfie battles, take part in revenue share!

The app will also offer lots of interesting cryptocurrency services.

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