Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!

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Kingpeat is upset

15 February 2018

Unfortunately, our desire to give each player a special opportunity to get the Dragon led to a massive violation of the rules and the spirit of the game.

Kingpeat is disappointed. Kingpeat feels bad about coming to those who only impersonate a Master.

We made an uneasy decision to limit the terms of the award for the achievements of Recruits. It will be possible to get the Dragon or its stones only until February 26. After that, the Recruiting system will be disabled, and alternative ways to get the Dragon - Hunt for the Golden Egg or purchase at the Shop - will be activated.

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Once again, a few improvements.

16 March 2018

Today we are happy to announce some pleasant changes in the game: - We've updated the game map to the current version of OSM. - We've added game objects on the updated

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Update 1.6 Spring is the time to hatch the eggs.

03 March 2018

Spring comes into its reign and changes everything around, so we also continue making pleasant changes in our game. A new version is already coming:

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Players are talking

22 February 2018

Today, we decided to ask our players what they think about Draconius GO and its special features. We have combined the most interesting and useful players’ thoughts in a short podcast.

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