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Obelisks become more generous

02 February 2018

We are beginning preparations for update 1.4, and some changes have taken effect today. We want to share them with you!

- You can increase the level of your recipe as a reward for a quest.

- You can get some dracoins as a reward for a quest.

- When you change your quest, you will not get exactly the same one.

- The quest for Libraries is not issued while they are on cooldown after re-training.

- Enchanted Pillars may now give Runes and the Dragon's Eyesight.

- The choice of an opponent for the Duel will be more diverse.

- You can receive several new low-level artifacts from chests.

- A lower level player, will be attacked by weaker wild monsters.

- We've resolved the issue with a wild monster not attacking in time sometimes.

- We've improved the mechanism of generating of Rifts.

And, of course, a lot of pleasant changes will be available to you with the release of the new version in the Play Market / App Store. Stay tuned!

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Players are talking

22 February 2018

Today, we decided to ask our players what they think about Draconius GO and its special features. We have combined the most interesting and useful players’ thoughts in a short podcast.

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Kingpeat is upset

15 February 2018

Unfortunately, our desire to give each player a special opportunity to get the Dragon led to a massive violation of the rules and the spirit of the game. Kingpeat is disappointed.

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Update: 1.5. More Love.

15 February 2018

Love is in the air, everyone is preparing surprises and gifts. And of course, we couldn't stay away and prepared for you, our favorite players, new version 1.5, which will appear in stores

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