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Obelisks become more generous

02 February 2018

We are beginning preparations for update 1.4, and some changes have taken effect today. We want to share them with you!

- You can increase the level of your recipe as a reward for a quest.

- You can get some dracoins as a reward for a quest.

- When you change your quest, you will not get exactly the same one.

- The quest for Libraries is not issued while they are on cooldown after re-training.

- Enchanted Pillars may now give Runes and the Dragon's Eyesight.

- The choice of an opponent for the Duel will be more diverse.

- You can receive several new low-level artifacts from chests.

- A lower level player, will be attacked by weaker wild monsters.

- We've resolved the issue with a wild monster not attacking in time sometimes.

- We've improved the mechanism of generating of Rifts.

And, of course, a lot of pleasant changes will be available to you with the release of the new version in the Play Market / App Store. Stay tuned!

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