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Upcoming changes: game buildings and Hunt for the Golden Egg

25 October 2017

We want the game to be available in every location, so no one feels left aside. Everyone should have plenty of Pillars of Abundance to collect treasures, enough Arenas and Libraries to fight for power and Obelisks to complete quests and hunt for the Golden Egg. Therefore, in the update 1.2, which will be available in the coming weeks, we use an updated algorithm for generating buildings. In some places, their number will remain the same, while in others it will grow substantially.

Sometimes it is impossible to complete the hunt for the Golden Egg, since the place where the treasure is hidden is physically unattainable. The most common cause of the problem is the map partially or completely placed on the water, so players simply do not have the opportunity to come to this part of the map, and try to dig up the treasure without having a boat. We will improve this element of the game, so that there are no such situations. In the update 1.2, the Obelisks will no longer offer a map with the areas completely covered with water.

Some game buildings are not accessible. Next month, we are planning to elaborate an algorithm for reporting such buildings straight in the application. If we receive a sufficient number of objective reports, we will move the building.

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