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Update 1.6 Spring is the time to hatch the eggs.

03 March 2018

Spring comes into its reign and changes everything around, so we also continue making pleasant changes in our game. A new version is already coming:

- The improved algorithm of hatching eggs will no longer allow a player to receive only unsuccessful creatures for a long time. Novelties in Bestiary or lower forms of strong creatures will now be hatched regularly.

- For players who cannot spend a lot of time walking, there are sets of ready-to-hatch eggs now in the Shop once a day. There, you can buy Kingpeat (once for the entire game).

- Kingpeat (with different quality) can now be found in a Golden Egg.

- We've increased the chance of getting a soulstone in a Duel of Wizards.

- An entry about a finished Duel of Wizards has been added into the journal.

- Improved dodge control in battles.

- Improved Wild Monster's attack algorithm.

- Improved some screens and message texts.

Expect version 1.6 in stores.

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