Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!

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Version 1.4. More convenient. More reliable. More informative.

05 February 2018

We are glad that we were able to fulfill many of your wishes in this update:

- We've added the possibility to set a lure in a Pillar of the Field of Abundance.

- Purchased Duels no longer have a time limit.

- In the Arena window, we’ve added the display of charges and the timer of an artifact of remote placing.

- We've added a warning when using an artifact remote placing.

- The timer of an artifact of remote placing is now updated in server time.

- We’ve added a creature/chest appearance vibration with open windows in the game.

- We’ve added a possibility to resurrect a creature on its screen.

- We've accelerated resurrection and healing of creatures.

- Now, you can dig from the treasure map window, and also complete an unsuccessful hunt (if an artifact of additional hunting is put on).

- We've added counters of creatures and eggs, as well as the timer for "Long Hands" in the character window.

- We've added a counter of all captured Arenas.

- We've fixed errors of displaying Arenas in the "Captured" window.

- The ability to wear artifacts of different levels with the same effect is blocked.

- We've blocked the chance to accidentally take a step back when you dodge in battle.

- We've fixed rare errors in processing the results of a Duel.

- We've fixed errors in the enemy's dodge in a Duel.

- We've fixed a bug of healing a creature when it's being powered up or evolved.

- We've improved error handling of Google/FB authentication when the application starts.

- We've improved some elements of the interface and animation.

- We've improved descriptions of artifacts, temporary effects and other text messages.

But that's not all. You will have a pleasant surprise in the nearest future. Follow our news!

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