Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!

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“Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!” Safety Rules

We hope that You are having a lot of fun playing “Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!”. To make the Game even more enjoyable for You, We have listed below a few important safety tips that You should keep in mind whenever You play “Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!” game (hereafter referred to as “Game”) below.

1. Do not play the Game while doing anything that requires Your full attention, such as while crossing a street, riding a bike or scooter, or driving any kind of other vehicle. Remember that any activity that requires Your full attention cannot and must not be combined with playing the Game.

2. When You’re out and about playing “Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!”, always remain aware of Your surroundings, especially if You’re traveling alone or in areas You’re not familiar with. Whenever You start the app, You’ll see a reminder that will help You keep this precaution in mind.

3. If a creature or any other game object appears in a real world location that is inaccessible or unsafe for You to reach, or on private property where access is prohibited, do not try to catch it. Stay safe and respect private lives and private property. The same goes for any in-game objects. Additionally, if You see a creature or any game object that You believe might be in a potentially dangerous location, please contact Us at this address: [email protected] or fill out the form on the Game’s web page to notify Us.

4. If You decide to team up with, or meet other users of the Game in person, remember the common safety rules of conduct with strangers. Remember that every User in the Game is a stranger, and You should be cautious at all times.

5. Remember that others have the right to keep their photos and identity private. When using the camera function in the Game, make sure everyone in the photo is OK with having their picture taken.

6. Pay attention to how You feel while playing, and make sure You don’t strain Yourself. Schedule regular breaks to eat, drink water, and rest to regain Your energy.

7. If You suffer from any medical conditions (either physical or psychological), We strongly advise You not to play the Game. Remember that certain effects in the Game may have negative impact on You. Please do not use the Game if there’s a risk of such situations.

8. If You’re a parent of a minor, make use of the smartphone’s parental controls, which may provide features to limit Your children’s playtime.

Make sure You and those around You are safe and enjoy playing the Game.