Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!

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I wanna know everything!

17 November 2017

Version 1.2 is almost ready and we want to share with you all the changes that were and will be introduced in the game.
1. A Silver and Golden League player can place two creatures in an Arena or a Library (three creatures, if he has the artifact).

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It's no place for the weak

13 November 2017

You might have noticed that the leaders of Fire and Earth look weaker than their opponents in combat. And we agree with you.
Therefore, from now on, Scylla, Grendel, Smoargh and Picaroon will increase their combat parameters. This change will come into effect after the first upgrade of your creature.

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Wind of Change

10 November 2017

We all look forward to the updated version 1.2 that will be released very soon. It will bring various nice improvements, here are some of them:
- improved processing of GPS signals on many phone models, which will fix the issue with messages about moving too fast;

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Hot news: best creatures from 10 km eggs

02 November 2017

We read all your mails carefully and do our best to improve the game based on your feedback. That's why we have changed the chances of hatching creatures from 10 km eggs so that weak basic level creatures will no longer hatch from such eggs. We've also increased the chance of the chest drop.

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